See the music, hear the picture!

PRO FX redefines how you personalise your entertainment experience.Be it the movie experience with PROFX designed, exclusive, home theatres that are ideally suited for your space, lifestyle and purpose, or advanced PRO FX audio systems, now you can design your own 360 degree entertainment experience. Our focus is always on all the crucial aspects that go into making your entertainment experience flawless. Talk about projection, picture clarity, high fidelity sound, perfect acoustics, invisible cabling, comfortable seating, customised decor, automation, integration, and of course, world-class products...we are have it all, exactly the way you would like it.

Bring home the movies!If you love the movies, you should bring that experience into your home. Conceived and designed by Manmohan Ganesh, CEO, PRO FX home theatres can be created even in mundane spaces. Through one-on-one consultations, custom-fit design, interior and accessories assistance, and proper home theatre packages, PRO FX offers unmatched value and experience. In addition to the best range of electronics that suits your budget, our engineers employ intuitive design and studied acoustic to deliver a big experience zone, which will enthral people beyond the walls of your home.

Play your music anywhere! We know you love your music, so go ahead and play it anywhere, everywhere. PRO FX audio solutions bring you a range of renowned international brands that offer a wide selection of home audio and personal audio products. Aesthetically designed speakers - from squat book shelves to lean tower speakers, slick satellite speakers to understated surround bars - blend in and integrate beautifully with any decor. You can choose their hi-fi package based on functionality and style, and also the kind of music they like to hear. With the advanced PRO FX distributed audio system, you can also play and stream your music anywhere in your home: garden, living room or bedroom.Just have a fun time, setting your own home entertainment standards.