You are active, how about your home?

Just imagine. You return home after a tiring day of work. The lights switch on automatically, security gets disabled, and the garage door opens. While you park the car, music strains can be heard on the foyer. The grass on your front lawn gleams with a sprinkle of fresh water. You step indoors, the air-conditioning starts; the TV turns on your favourite channel. As you settle down with a glass of chilled water, an SMS alert on your phone says, you missed a visitor in the morning. You smile because your home is working as hard as you.Is all of this possible? Of course, it is. The PRO FX Home Automation Experience can help you integrate all your electronic gadgets along with your home controls through your smart phone, or the Internet, with advanced automation technology solutions.

PRO FX demonstrates how you can virtually gain freedom from operating nearly every appliance or device in the home by making it communicate intelligently via an easy-to-use home automation system. By installing an integrated, smart automation system, you can save precious time, effort and energy. Besides basic security and safety related concerns, automation affords a distinct luxury to its users - freedom from tasks that eat into time. It also guarantees a hassle-free and stress-free life, increasing your productivity, and leaving you with more time to indulge in your hobbies. Choose from a wide range of internationally recommended home automation products and solutions from us based on your budget and lifestyle. If you have other specific requirements, which fall within the purview of Security, Safety, Convenience and Comfort - the four key facets of our home automation solutions - we can customise and integrate those as well.

Manage and control significant aspects of your life like Security, Surveillance, Access Control, Motion Detection, Safety, Lighting, Temperature, Audio, Video and other home functions like drapes, irrigation, cooking gas, solar heater, visitor screening, and even pet entry, through a one-touch screen.Automate freedom, gain control Home automation is a sophisticated control system that combines different electronics already installed in your home such as audio, TV, projector, motorised drapes, screen, alarm and surveillance system.

Home Automation Features
Security: Integrate high quality electronic door locks, video door phones, intrusion detectors to monitor and alert unauthorised entry into home.
Surveillance: View and record guests arriving at the front door, or check on children in the pool or garden from any Tablet or PC
Motion Detection: Detect intrusion, and automatically turn on lights and activate automation functions when entering a room.
Safety: Eliminate potential fire hazards due to LPG (cooking gas) leakage; automatically turn off LPG supply and receive SMS alert to pre-defined mobile numbers.
Lighting: Set warm and comfortable moods for dining, entertainment, movies. Create mood settings that highlight the beauty of your décor. Provide architectural quality lighting control for the 'lived-in' look when on vacation; automatically turn on/off when leaving a room. Solutions for any kinds of bulbs and ballasts.
Temperature: Set ideal temperature settings for various rooms that switch on/off automatically. Control pool and spa temperatures.
Multi-room Audio: Share and stream your favourite music in every room of the house or through your garden. Fully scalable to deliver high output audiophile sound. Wired and wireless solutions.
Video Distribution: Loss-less, multi-room video signal distribution. Supports HD, 3D and 4K resolutions. Control and manage your home theatre settings and preferences through your Tablet.
Vehicle Detection: Announce visitors, turn on lights, and switch on a television to view the driveway or other outdoor areas.
Motorised drapes: Automate movement of drapes or curtains in entertainment rooms or throughout the house. Pre-programme drapes to open and close at specified times or control them with a touch of a button.
Irrigation: Control irrigation solenoid valves for lawn sprinklers. Programme them to work automatically even when you are on vacation.
Pet Entry: Detect pet presence and program the timings for the pet entry/exit door to open and shut.
Access Control: Limit admission to designated areas; enter only after swiping card key which activates door strikes. Enable video intercom to confirm arrivals.